Construction Themed_Sensory Bin (I spy activity)

We had a lazy morning today! So we planned something to do with Merog’s favorite construction vehicles….and we came up with this activity👉 Construction Themed_Sensory bin ‘I spy’ activity.

We had a lot of fun doing this fun activity with excavator, bulldozer, dump trucks,concrete mixer etc. Watching my son, digging into the bin for the first time was an ultimate fun. I was drawing my attention by the way he was utilizing the elements of the bin.

Material Required
  • A Plastic Bin
  • Corn Flakes (You can replace this with any cereals or rice)
  • Dry Fruits (Almonds, walnuts, Figs, Cashew nuts etc.)
  • Construction Vehicles (Excavator, Bulldozer, Dump truck, Concrete mixer truck, crane,  Front and Backhoe loader etc.)
What we performed during the activity

We mixed above all the materials into our ‘I spy’ bin, followed by some pretend play at our so called Construction site! We collected all our dry fruits one by one using excavator, loader trucks, bulldozer etc. and put them all into dump truck to carried away to the destination (to Merog’s Tummy 😉

At last he ate all the nuts, few dried figs (and very few cornflakes🙈) which we had used in our sensory bin.

What we tried to achieve : Learning opportunities
  • Naming the found object in the bin
  • Recognizing, Sorting and counting the similar things/Objects (here we used dry fruits)
  • I spy – what?, describing the found object with its physical properties (color, shape, texture, etc.)
  • Language development while discussing about the activity and pretend play while ‘I spy’!

If you too have a tiny moody eater at your place, You ought to try this ‘I-Spy’ game with your toddler 😉

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