Practising POSITIVE PARENTING in Everyday Life

☘🌾Practising POSITIVE PARENTING in Everyday Life 🌾☘

What do you actually feel if your toddler throws himself/herself on to the floor in a super market?
Screaming that he/she wants that chocolate, just one more!!
Does it sound familiar to you? Then we all the parents are sailing in the same boat!🙄😝
We parents live in terror of our toddlers loosing it in public🤐
Such scenes put us into some major challenging, weird, emotional, embarrassing situations!!😝

Hold on! We really don’t want a spoilt child…do we?
Then just ignore those onlookers who are trying to judge you!
Ignoring them is such a good strategy!!😇

We are just trying to help our children to cope up with disappointments which may fall in their path of life’s journey! (Be straightforward even if you have to tell this to your parents or in-laws)

Stay calm, poised and composed! Cause, if you loose it too, it will likely make the situation more stressful or challenging!!
Validate child’s feeling and not behaviour, that makes him/her learn how to deal with strong, powerful and difficult emotions!!

Redirect them by soft positive communication by showing some other exciting things else just get out of that place for sometime and talk talk and talk to ur lil one! (Remember your No still remains as No!)

We have nothing to be embarrassed about!! Children learn from consequences and not by any approved theory…They learn through subtle messages!

Having breakdowns in child’s life is absolutely normal part of growing! But setting clear limits by parents when required, sends message to our kids and the society both (who is judging you) that you are calm, controlled and matured enough to take right decisions and actions for your own child, being his/her first teacher!!

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