Stay-at-home mommy to a little boy Merog and a Montessori junkie mom who loves to work at her own pace and who tries to fit fun-learning methods for her child with natural parenting instincts .

My motherhood journey is wonderful and peaceful! But at times its stressful,frustrating and challenging!And most of the times its disgusting and hopeless. But I can not even deny that, it has always been hilarious in all the ways and taught me thousands of lessons every fraction of seconds. I always try hard to balance My motherhood and Merog’s Childhood while providing the happiest and most enriching environment possible.

Being a former Software Engineer by profession and a Fashion Designer by passion, I love to keep my left and right Brains at work 24*7. I consider myself as a primary educator of my child during his early age and I am passionate about giving him maximum exposure to the world he lives in.  I always strive to make his experiences (lessons) revolve around the  philosophy EXPLORE-LEARN-PLAY! Let it be about Art, Math, Science, Literature, Practical life, outdoor nature Science, or anything else.

“Play is the Work of the Child”. – Maria Montessori

I am a DIY Fanatic mom and love to make affordable things/activities for my son and that gives us better learning environment everyday. Accompanied to that, my son is a hyper active child and that inspires me to channelize his energy positively by keeping his monkey brain busy in fun learning ways which is essential for his brain development. So, we Mommy-Son duo work hand-in-hand and fun-learning activities has became a part of our lives now. Also, that helps in making our bond stronger by the passing days.

I love to capture and cherish his fast moving childhood moments Because, I will never have THIS SAME DAY again in my life with my son. Tomorrow he will be a little older than he is TODAY!

So, Let’s Learn To Play! And Play To Lean here at (MerogAndMom ) 🙂