Build, Create and Play

Build, Create and Play!


“Build A Home” Activity by Fintobox –  Little Architect Box (Buy Here)

Building or construction play

It involves manipulation of one or multiple elements to construct something new.
It may involve stacking, assembling, sorting or molding etc.

Few ideas to introduce construction/building toys in your child’s life!

  • Block play
  • Stacking Blocks/cylinders
  • Putting together vehicle tracks
  • Making house with cartons/from recycled materials
  • Construction with Playdough
  • Sewing/Knitting for older kids
  • Adding open ended materials like, matchsticks, pop-sticks for construction and using marshmallows and color dough etc. to fix them (used as joints) 

Try out some budget friendly Building/Stacking toys options at home

  • Paper cups or normal glasses 
  • Various sizes of cans for stacking (eg. coffee cans, yogurt cups or any types of jars)
  • Various sizes of “Books” for stacking purpose
  • Various sizes of Bowls
  • CDs or DVD’s

Benefits of Playing with building toys

Building toys play significant role in developing a wide variety of Life Skills and abilities in Kids.
They help prepare kids for school, sports and life!

They have short and long term positive effects on kids such as :

  • At the beginning kids can learn about colors and shapes
  • Develops problem solving skils
  • Improves fine motor strength and perfection
  • Encourages thinking and Reasoning
  • Visualization of the idea and bringing it into reality and testing variety of ideas
  • Improves focus and patience which is important in every step of life in future!
  • Boosting imagination to create something on their own
  • Builds Confidence
  • Pretend and imaginary play
  • Learns basic math skills like counting, adding, subtracting, geometry etc.
  • Encourages sharing while playing with peer groups and ultimately  development of social skills

Buy some really interesting construction toys on below online portals with Quick Links (My Picks) :

Hope You all find it useful for your kids! 🙂

Happy Building!!


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