Christmas-tree ORNAMENT (pattern)MAKING Fun learning Activity and Early math exercise!

Math is not always about numbers!

In early childhood, its all about shapes, patterns, sizes, colours, counting etc. So, why not to learn maths through fun playful ways. Afterall, play is the child’s only work.☺

So, today Merog and I started with this beading activity to learn pattern making.

We started with sorting the beads into colors and I laid them out into simple patterns and started playing :

one green, one red, one white! again one green, one red… so, what  should be the next bead color?😃

After the patterns were made, we started to bead them into pipecleaners (the easiest thread considering 2yr old boy). At last, I shaped it into heart. My lil dynamo was super happy to see his own achievement of making a heart all by his own.


Similarly, we finished our snowflake pattern making (it was a lil tougher activity for Merog considering the patterns we made. He was little frustrated while understanding the patterns. From next time onwards, I shall definitely stick to simple patterns at the beginning level😛🙈)

But, once the snowflake beading activity was done, Merog was super excited and asked me if it is a spider🤓🤐😂

Alas, I converted a pretty pinky-blue-white snowflake into a hairy (poisonous😉) spider.

And, now he is playing and scaring his dad with this homemade DIY spider😎

Mission accomplished!! As he is still enjoying this beading activity😃


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