CVC Word-Activities For Early Readers

Introducing CVC Words To Early Readers

What are CVC words?

CVC word is a word that is made up of  “CONSONANT – VOWEL – CONSONANT”

Eg. C(a)t, f(a)n, r(e)d, p(i)g, h(o)t, b(u)g etc.
This you can introduce to your child only after he/she is aware of phonetic sounds..

PHONICS is the best approach to EARLY READING especially when the learning is montessori inspired.

For the preschoolers, it is most beneficial to sound out and blend the letters they read.
HANDS-ON reading activities can be beneficial for them to develop interest in reading.

We are starting with CVC Word activities with SHORT VOWEL “a”!
Eg. c(a)p, b(a)g, f(a)t, d(a)d, m(a)t, etc.

I have made few sample DIY CVC word making activities with Consonant-Vowel(“a”)-Consonant(“t”). Hope you like them 🙂

 CVC-Word Reading Games/Activities

1. Make Your own CVC words by matching  Popsicle-stick letters  with DOT-sticker letters

This activity focuses on CVC word building using popsicle stick with letter attached to it(check out the picture below).

we have started this activity for Merog with the most familiar CVC words with simple pictures drawn on it to make the word recognition easier for him.

I have written CVC words on the sheet using dot-stickers and small narrow grooves on it to fix the matching popsicle- stick letterIt’s also a good fine motor activity for early learners/toddlers.

2. CVC words making using Ferrero-Rocher moulded plastic tray and dot stickers.

In this DiY activity, Kids can match the letters written on (Back side of) Ferrero-Rocher empty tray moulds and dot stickers to build CVC words.

Kids have to complete one CVC word (in one go) by sounding out each and every letter and blending the sounds together.

3. DIY CVC-word books

In these DIY books, you can make very simple flashcards like C-cat, F-fat, M-mat, B-Bat, V-van, F-fan, M-man etc. along with the corresponding simple object pictures.

Attach these flashcards on a foam sheet (red foam sheet as shown in the below picture) on which I have pasted two “a” and “t” dot stickers already.

So, While turning the flashcards (pages) each time, your child can form a CVC word and sound out as – “c-at”, “m-at”, “r-at” etc.

This book is good for practising the Sounds of letters and then blending them to introduce reading.

4. Ice-cream cup matching activity  (2-piece Ice-cream puzzle)

Here, I have drawn simple and colorful ice-cream cups with CVC words written on them. Later I cut these cups into two pieces and pasted them on 2 different popsicle sticks as shown in the below picture.

  eg. bat – 1st popsicle has “b” letter pasted on it and 2nd popsicle has “at” pasted on it. Now, kids can to match the colors of the ice-cream cups and solve the 2 piece ice-cream puzzle. Also, blend the letter sounds to form a CVC word like “b-at -> bat”

5. DIY letter slider to make cvc words

Here, I have taken a piece of yellow sheet and pasted two dot stickers on it with letters “a” and “t” ( to sound out word “at”). 

Also, I have made a vertical blue strip with letters c, h, b, f etc. and weaved this strip through the narrow slits made on yellow sheet (as shown in the picture). After blending these blue vertical strip letters with the “at” word on yellow horizontal strip, it forms CVC words like “c-at”, “b-at”, “h-at”, “f-at” etc. 

We also, require one wide pink vertical strip on which simple objects like cat, bat, mat, hat are drawn (weaved this strip through the wider slits made on yellow sheet). So that, after making a CVC word using blue and yellow strip, kids can match pink strip object with the CVC word for reference.

(CVC-word with object pictures will make them understand the concept clearly).  

Ask your child to sound out letters while doing this activity 🙂

6. CVC word making – Pee-Ka-boo Ladybug

I have drawn a big ladybug on A4 size paper (as shown in the picture below).

  1. At the center of this Peek-a-boo ladybug, I have written the word “at”
  2. Every red spot on ladybug  has a letter written on it eg. c, m, h ,r, f etc.
  3. Also, Every Red Peek-a-boo spot has a CVC word hidden below it.

Your child can sound out the letter written above the red spot eg. “m” and then sound out “at” (which is at the center of the ladybug). Ask your child to now open the red spot and ask to sound out the complete CVC word i.e. “m-at”.

It is a fun way for your early reader to sound out CVC words like c-at, m-at, r-at etc. using this peek-a-boo ladybug.

Peek-a-Boo CVC word making Ladybug

 Hey mommies, Hope you all find these above DIY activities interesting and useful for your kids 🙂

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    Beautiful activity. Colorful and easy to learn for kiddies.

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