Dirt-Sensory-Bin for Nature Lover Kids


We did,

scooping and pouring dirt,

planting seeds,

squeezing, sifting and rubbing dirt.

Water transfering activity using funnel,

Created mud with dirt and water,

writing in the dirt with fingers,

seed sorting and much more.

Merog sowed seeds in the bin and he was excited to see seeds germinating and also, eagerly waiting to see plants grow out of it!!

It was  like a miracle for him which is growing in his customized sensory bin.

We have some future plans to play in it!! Eg. Playing construction vehicle set by making mud track into the bin. Once the seeds start germinating, we can add our bugs set to it and get our magnifying glass to observe them and name them. And once we see the plants growing in it, we will play some pretend forest games in this same sensory bin.

Think back to your childhood now…(especially 80’s and 90’s kids!)How much time did we spend outside playing with the various nature props most happily😃!
If we compare, there is a huge difference between our childhood and our parents’ and our parents’ childhood with that of our grandparents! We can see, world is changing and upgrading really fast!

What if our kids of this generation are sent outside to play with the utterly enchanting, ever-changing and aw-inspiring earthy toys of the nature?
Won’t they just adore the world around them to play with?
And once they start loving the nature and outside world around them…Will you ever wish again to get your child’s one finger motor skill developed using touch screen gadgets!!😜😀

How many of u have played with dirt in your childhood??

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