Eucalyptic-Sensory-Bin : Kids Play During Sick Days

▶Eucalyptic-Sensory bin◀
Fun with phonics, I-Spy activity for kids during sick days!

This activity was really helpful, when my lil boy was dealing with croupy cough, congectivitis and fever from past two days! Of course, I couldn’t banish him from playing or doing things that he loves the most(except mixing with other kids)!
So, I played few  tricks to soothe a cranky sick child and tried to keep him smiling during the most difficult situation!!

Adding eucalyptus oil to our sensory bin was helpful for my baby’s health! (You can add this oil in child’s colors, play dough too. So, this can be the Play and Health Therapy for a sick and active child !!) This therapeutic activity is super entertainment for kids during cold and flu season!!

Material Required 👇

– Sensory bin made up of Black eyed peas with 2-3 drops of Eucalyptus oil (you can use anything edible or non-edible as per ur choice)
– 26 objects or flash cards or pics starting with 26 letter sounds (Merog had added few more (irrelevant)objects later by his choice)
-26 letters alphabets a-z

Activity Benefits :

We did lot of phonics work while playing together.

(Merog sorted all the objects as per their starting phonics sounds!)

This activity is good for –

  • Language development
  • Fine motor development
  • Cognitive skills growth
  • Problem solving skills
  • Stimulation of senses in kids

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