Finding The Perfect Car For Your Family

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When we become parents and size of our family increases, we surely feel the necessity of the bigger, kids friendly and spacious car.

Instead of looking forward to the fun filled family vacation, we generally look at any vacation with dread because most of the times it becomes a strenuous job when we take kids and their must-haves stuff with us in a small car.

We definitely need to take extra special care about buying a “Perfect Car”, especially when having kids and elderly members in the family.  So what you really need is the most reliable and practical set of wheels which can take your entire family comfortably anywhere on the planet.

What factors do you consider when you say, you need to buy the “Perfect Family Car”?

The answer is, Car that fits your family needs best and your pocket. Other factors  that you consider are, how many kids you have – so how many child seats you need in your family car, how much boot space you need to dump your luggage in it, whether petrol/diesel car suits you and you check the stability and reliability of the car.

You surely need to have plenty of boot space for Stroller, carry cot for your infant and all the other bags for shorter or longer trips. Your car should carry everything that you need or your kids and your parents can demand for.

But with so many options around, finding that one perfect family car sometimes becomes
really tricky, burdensome and overwhelming job.
Families are like cars, come in all types of shapes, sizes and traits, so choosing a family car requires some mindful planning and research. So, can be your one stop destination where you can get the best deal once you have an idea of what you want?
You can research different vehicles and their features, watch out the car reviews, do comparisons and choose the best deal for you.

So here is a guide to choose the best family car, whether you are looking for a hatchback, estate or SUV.

1. Plan A Test Drive With Your Family :

Before you actually go to buy a car, do your research work first. Yes, that is your homework to choose your new family car. List down all the car models you really like. Take out the car for a test-drive with your family because that is the supremely important task.
You as a driver can check the car features and other necessities; while your family can check for space, seats, comfort and storage space.

2. What Features Do You Want in Your New Car  :

Car features is the most essential thing we need to consider while buying a new car.
Car should be comfortable for the driver and passengers both.
Before you purchase a new car, make a list of mandatory features you are looking in the car like –
Adjustable power driver’s seat,  Automatic emergency braking, Bluetooth connectivity, Multiple airbags, Rear parking sensors, Key-less entry, Child safety locks etc

3. Safety First!

Always check up on safety reviews of the car and ensure to pick the safest car. You can do some research on over all safety ratings, especially check out the child safety scores if you are buying a new family car.
Some cars come with added life-saving safety techniques, such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB).
check out features like, airbags, braking, electronic stability control, head up display, Antilock braking system,etc.before you buy a new car.  You can check all such car safety details on

4. Do you need Isofix?

If you have small children and require car seats, you should definitely look for a car with Isofix. It is better to ensure your child’s safety using Isofix which makes the whole process of fixing the car seat in to the car much more easier, quicker and safer. It allows you to just plug your car seat into the car.

5. Choose Interiors Wisely

I love messy kids but not in the car! Because it is not easy to clean the mess inside the car (especially seats). But kids will be kids! They show some sort of inborn tendency to get messy while eating snacks, food and drink inside the car and you can’t put a complete ban on food being consumed inside your vehicle.
So, the best way to stay away from such mess and stains is to select leather finished interior furnishings which is quite easy to clean can also opt for dark color interiors.

6. Don’t Miss Out On Space and Comfort!

Don’t compromise on comfort and space factor.You definitely want to buy a new car with a good size boot space.

So, Be practical!

Also make sure that your car has lots of cup holders and door pockets.
There shouldn’t be chance to regret later! You are travelling with a family. So you need enough space to hold all the things you are carrying along with you and still be comfortable.

While the market is overloaded with lots of choices, you can check out by sitting at one place and you will get everything sorted at an ease. can help you buy the perfect car for your family and steer you in the right direction.

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  1. Tejaswi says:

    Amazing blogpost. Very useful for new car buyers like me who are looking for car options in the market. I shall definitely refer to all the pictures here. Jazz has always been my dream car ♥️♥️

  2. Manoj says:

    Nice, useful guidelines especially for first time car buyers. Lovely pics of Jazz does the rest. Safety First!

  3. Sharmishtha Patil says:

    Thank you merog mom for sharing this informative post …. we have been looking for a new car , now it will help us alot.

  4. Neha charjan says:

    Very Well written blog Pranita….and you have touch upon a topic that gets discussed most often over tea or lunch in officees and discussion which can continue for several hours among mens…unless some female disrupt them…and then the question again remains……which car is worth buying….
    Thanks for sharing different factors to be considered when you have small kids around.

  5. Payel says:

    Thanks for the information..I really appreciate it

  6. Arijit says:

    Awesome post Pranita! This one is my favorite topic. You covered all the essential must haves in a family car….SPACE and SAFETY- my No 1 PRIORITY

  7. Shashi Laddha says:

    Very informative!!

  8. Vishal says:

    Thanks for throwing light on such an important topic. Was planning to buy a Suitable car and came accross your blog .

    Good that you made us aware to make a smart choice.

    When endowed with a delicate responsibility of being a father donit want to miss on anything.

  9. Alpana Deo says:

    Having a good family car is becoming must in every household. Safety comes first but comfort also goes hand in hand especially when we think about long road trips. Thanks for penning down the important pointers.

  10. Rohini says:

    A very useful as well as informative post. This is an important decision for every family which has a little one or plans to start a family.

  11. Charu Sareen says:

    There are so many factors that we need to keep in mind while buying a new car. Quite an informative and useful post.

  12. Amrita says:

    I am looking for a new car to sound just great for comparing features.

  13. This is such an informative post. I for one am actually looking for a car for my family now that my girls are a little grown up & sit by themselves in cars. Thanks for the detailed post!

  14. Rohini says:

    A very sensible blog post about simple things which everyone takes for granted starting with safety. Thanks for sharing!

  15. karuna chauhan says:

    very informative post pranita! more than often we just go for looks and budget but these are the must check out things too!

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