Geography Lessons : World Tour Pretend Play

Geography Lessons : World Tour Pretend Play

All set to travel Merog’s world of imagination!! Yes! Because, We are pretending to go on a world tour.

So, we are armed with a backpack and lots of food which we will require during this tour! (Snacks that he has to finish during this pretend play😋)We are carrying our passport, visa, driving license, postcards with country images on them, some money and tickets!
And finally the most imp thing, A world map to trace our journey that our pretend play might take us on.

Merog has planned to visit his cousins, who are staying in different countries of the world! He has many imaginary stories in his mind while visiting all the continents and he is explaining how his mom used to work in office which is located near Eiffel tower😂 (i wonder, what makes him to think that! Bt I am happy), daddy has office in Australia and Merog has his own office in India n how much he loves to travel by bullet train 🤐 n how police car is chasing mommy’s car for breaking the traffic rules n blah blah😂🤓

Trust me children’s imagination has no limits🤓🙄😝😍

Geography lessons

1. physical geography
2. political geography

(Study of both the groups goes parallel to one another)

Physical Geography is related to the earth. Also, it is related to the cultures that are developed in different parts of the world and how human beings have adapted differently as they live in different locations of the world.

To teach kids about physical Geography, we can use models, sensorial activities, flash cards, and books. We can discuss about the climate changes of the different places that affects the people who live in them.

Discuss with child about the society, city, state, country and the whole world in which they live in. This will help the child to know the fact that he is not only a part of society, but a part of the world.

While, Political Geography is related to globe, maps, flags studies etc.

Physical GEOGRAPHY Exercises :
  • Explain about Earth Sky and Water concept.
  • Discuss about Different climates and seasons
  • Introducing Geography to Kids by showing photos of planet, stars, sun, moon ,clouds, astronauts, Ocean, rivers,mountains and much more.
  • Discuss the concept that this is where humans, animals, birds, fish, insects, plants live! and it is our home. And, as it is our home, we need to take care of our surrounding. This gives our child the early idea  of taking care of our own world.
  • Make a sensorial album of the world and planets  and relate the image of earth from sky and relate it to the place they live in.

Political Geography Exercises :

  • Introducing maps using sensorial cards, puzzles, books and some experience based learning.
  • Introducing flags, national animal, famous historic place of the country to make their political geography learning easy by using visual aids. Play memory games or solve puzzles related to this topic.

At last, read Kids Geography book to them which has lots of colorful pictures in it.

Happy Early- Geography learning to you all!! 🙂

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1. Physical Geography Puzzle


2. Political Geography Puzzle


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