Let’s Play Geometry Games With Kids Quickly!

Top 10 tips for teaching shapes to toddlers with an ease!

  • Correlate objects to shapes around them  (eg. circle shaped cookie, wheels of his toy cars, square shaped window, rectangular pillow on which he/she takes a nap etc. After few days they will themselves start pointing out things and say, ” look mom, a rectangular shaped book!” isn’t it what we expect at the end!! 🙂
  • Trace the shapes as much as possible ( eg. Trace the object boundaries using pencils/crayons/pens, trace them using finger in cereals/rice/grains filled tray, use blackboard sheets and chalk to draw a shape and ask your child to trace it using wet finger)
  • Shape jumps (Chalk out shapes on the floor and ask your kid to jump from one to another and name the shape he/she just jumped in!)
  • DIY shape puzzles ( eg. Jenga blocks/popsicle sticks Shape puzzles or diy popsicle sticks-Velcro activity: Each block or a stick will have a part of a shape on it. children need to match the remaining shape parts together. Keep similar color for one shape formation.                                             
  • DIY shapes using papers, pens, foam-sheets and Build transport vehicles using different shapes. (eg. making a truck using square, rectangle, circle etc. and many more things can be formed using shapes craft 6. Shape-matching activity (Fix the reference shape on the board/table/floor and give a tray full of shape cutouts and ask your child to pick any shape, name it and match it with reference shape (You can also use push pins and soft boards for the activity, with your assistance to your kids).
  • Sing along shape rhymes or make your own rhyme to sing along (eg. A circle like a ball, A circle like a ball, A square like a box, a square like a box….)
  •   Marshmallows and toothpick/ Soft color-dough and toothpick shape making activity (it’s a very good activity for fine motor skills development, developing designing sense and experimenting  kids visual ideas
  • Introducing Shape sorting toys (You can get them in any local toy shops. Also, check out here           ->http://www.amazon.in/Tickles-Wooden-Geometric-Shapes-Puzzles/dp/B01N42D7ME/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1484220423&sr=8-9&keywords=shape+sorter+toys                                                                                                                                ->http://www.firstcry.com/skillofun/skillofun-wooden-shape-and-color-sorter/81228/product-detail?sterm=shapes&spos=31&sstock=1)
  •  Free-play using Soft color dough and Shape cutters (Letting them explore different shapes using shape cutters and once they are done with the activity, discuss about the shapes they have made. )
  • Bubble Bath fun : Learn to categorize shapes and try to name them all correctly with proper hand-eye coordination while having fun filled Bubble Bath 😀

Why is Geometry so important in early childhood?

Does it play such an important role in Everyday life? Yes!! Geometry is everywhere! Colors and Shapes are two very noticeable attributes of the world around our children.

World around our kids is made up of shapes. Take a minute and look around the space we are  in, take a note of the lines, curves and other 2D and 3D shapes which create your environment. Patterns can be found on leaves, in flowers, in seashells and many other places.  Even our own bodies consist of patterns, lines and curves etc . From planets to stars, shapes can be found throughout our universe.

Children are explorers, observers, curious and keen learners. The sooner they gets the exposure to the world around them, the better they will learn.

Geometry is the base for developing toddler’s visual grammer and utimately developing visual thinking process in them. It trains child’s brain to use it’s full capacity. Geometry help us to use both sides of the brain. In other words, not just be a left-brain thinker(eg. logical thinking in technical field), but also a right-brain thinker (eg. used for visualization in creative fields ). So, it’s good for development of both sides of brain.

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.
—Georgia O’Keeffe

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