Playshifu Orboot (Educational Augmented Reality Globe) : Toy Review

Shifu Orboot

Many of you all already know that we are total geography nerds and we love exploring world through our pretend play activities. We just love fun learning activities and adventures.

This time my mini voyager is all set to travel his world of imagination, as we are planning to go on world tour with our brand new buddy Shifu “Orboot”.

Shifu – Augmented Reality Globe – ORBOOT

Globe is the perfect learning aid to study the planet earth in 3D format.

Repeated use of globes can help kids to form exact mental maps with visual accuracy of the world around them. It help kids grasp political or physical geography quickly.

Children’s imagination has no boundaries, they just need inputs and they are ready to fly around the world. Fun learning geography activities help kids to develop the love for geography and nature.

 We already have a couple of globes, countless maps, geography board games and jigsaw puzzles, Playshifu AR space flashcards in our house to do hands on geography activities.

And now we have a newest addition to the family and it’s Augmented Reality based educational globe – Orboot, from our favourite brand Playshifu!
This globe holds special place in Merog’s current toy shelf!

How is Orboot (AR Globe) going to be different?

The Augmented Reality does bring a new dimension to this spherica model  of Earth and it is perfect for bringing geography to life.

This globe can powerfully uplift the imagination in kids. Young kids can effortlessly learn from interactive experiences. Instead of becoming passive receiver, kids can become active participants and learners and they become more engaged in their own learning environment.

Orboot – 21st century interactive smart globe has been launched recently to enhance and deliver the same learning experience to children through more interesting and interactive way.

You can see how Merog is totally fascinated by this AR globe. He is thoroughly enjoying the Orboot experience.

About Orboot :

Using Orboot kids can learn amusing facts about all animals, climate, cultures, cuisines, monuments, natural wonders, maps, inventions and so much more for all the countries of the world. While studying Geography, we explore and learn about two main streams, ‘physical Geography’ and ‘Political Geography and Orboot covers both these streams.

Orboot brings the complete world into the real life magically, using AR technology through smartphone or tablet.

It is a revolutionary learning aid in which  children can actually interact with the world and access all the information on finger tips.

What is inside the box :

Orboot is the one of the best educational toys we’ve got till now! We can call it as “Toy of the Year” in Merog’s case and arrived at the perfect time of the year when Christmas is just round the corner and we have lot of time to explore the whole world during our upcoming holidays.

So, the Orboot box contains,

  1. one 10″ colorful smart Globe
  2. Stamp embossed with an airplane
  3. A fun passport to stamp the explored places
  4. A guide book to help you

(SHIFU also has different boxes of AR flashcard games – like,  Travel/Transportation, Animal SAFARI, JOB/PROFESSION etc. CHECK OUT HERE!)

 Scanning of this physical globe using Orboot app

How does Orboot work?

  1. Orboot is a 10” fun and colorful smart globe.
  2. Download the Orboot app for free from Play Store & App Store.
  3. When particular part of this AR globe is scanned on an iPhone, iPad, android phones, tablets  with Orboot app, the complete world comes to life and the activity becomes perfectly entertaining and educational for your kids.
  4. Content is divided into eight categories (Animals, Monuments, Maps,Inventions, Cuisines, Culture, Natural wonders and Climate which can be unlocked through in-app purchases.)
  5. The symbols on the globe pop up into real world with which kids can interact in different ways. Check out different features and categories in pictures below :
 Leaning about Panda using 3D model
 Learning about Climatic conditions in Germany

Things to discover with Orboot  :

1. Animals : Hear the lion roar, fishes swim, birds fly in their natural habitat.
Interactive Activity : Drag the food that you think it’ll love to eat!
2. Monuments : Take a global tour of many historical monuments from the statue of liberty to Taj mahal
3. Food : Feast on the local cuisines across the world with your eyes.
4. Inventions : who build the great inventions that changed the course of human history and where?
5. Natural Wonders : Explore the rivers, mountains, volcanoes and many more fascinating creations of nature.
6. Culture: Chinese new year, Samba, Halloween. So many arts and cultures  to be explored.
7. Map : Visualize how Brazil looks! Explore different countries, their states and capitals in 3D.

Interactive Activity :  Bring the states together to see the topography of Brazil!
8. Climate : How’s the weather round the year? Abundant sunshine, rains galore or heavy snowfall?Interactive Activity : Move the slider across the year to see the weather!

(Reference :

Why Orboot?

  1. Using Shifu Orboot kids can explore the world through their senses and visual experiments both.
  2. After the screen time, kids can use this globe to tell stories or pretend play with them or play memory games. When kids can actually recall what they explored during their Shifu-Orboot screen time.
  3. When children are young they need CREATIVE VISUAL SUPPORT to grasp the concept easily. So, blend of virtual world and real world in learning can help children to utilize their interactive screen time productively.
  4. It perfectly bridges the gap between virtual world and real world for kids.
  5. This smart globe is engaging and it can ignite imagination in kids and help their young minds evolve with creativity and knowledge.
  6. It can be a great fun for kids and parents both, where they can actually communicate on the concept.

What we like about Shifu Orboot :

  1. Orboot has enriching content which is interesting and knowledgeable for kids as well as for parents.
  2. Light weight to carry anywhere easily. (That can be the disadvantage as well. Read it below)
  3. Dedicated Orboot App available in Apple Store and Google Play So, it is absolutely easy to install.
  4. It has innumerable detailed 3D models under 8 categories with amazing voice-overs and country specific (local) music which gives amazing interactive experience to kids.
  5. Orboot is the best solution for all my worries regarding the dedicated screen time I offer to my child everyday.
  6. It gives fun learning experience to young kids while exploring the world.

Areas of improvement :

  1. This globe can be little unsteady as it is light in weight.
  2. Needs lot of phone memory.
  3. Sometimes we need to restart the app if it doesn’t respond (especially while playing experiencing fun activities like checking climatic conditions of the places).

Age Recommendation :

For kids in the age group of 4-10 years.

MerogAndMom Rating :


Links to Buy PLAYSHIFU Orboot Online :

  1. Playshifu

This friendly smart globe is a wonderful game which can take your kids and the whole family on world expedition.

So, go get your Orboot today! It’s totally educational!! Don’t let your child miss the super fun happening around his world.

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  1. Alpana Deo says:

    That’s cool
    I liked how the box includes all the necessary stuff required . And the age group is pretty wide.

  2. this looks really fun and interesting ..can wait for N to grow up and use this..I have already recommended this to my sister for my nephew as my nephew is geography nerd too 🙂

  3. Rashmi says:

    Such a detailed post. I m akready in love with this game. I m sure it is equally exciting for adults too.

  4. Neha gupta says:

    Wow this sounds interesting. My son loves airplanes and globes. I think we would want to try this game soon ..

  5. This must be a fun and educative box. We have tried Playshifu’s jungle Safari game and love it. Would surely try this one once A & A grow to that age.

  6. Priyanka says:

    The concept behind orboot is fabulous. Will recommend this for my niece who is 5. She would best enjoy her screen time educationally.

  7. Kavita Singh says:

    Oh wow, this is a wonderful way to teach kids. I too am a fan of augmented reality games and your detailed review made me understand it well. I am sure my baby would love it too, I will soon order one for my baby too 🙂

  8. Amrita Basu says:

    I bought a globe and a world map with exactly this in mind.This one is a great game for children to learn from.Screen time but with a difference

  9. Amrita says:

    We love Globes and maps.Shifu Orboot looks like a great interactive play.My daughter will love this.

  10. Ananta says:

    Omg this amazing. Aarav would totally love this globe. He is currently obsessed with geography! Picking up one now from amazon. Thanks so much

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