Pretend play  : Mechanical tool kit for Mr./Ms. Fix-It

CHILDREN’S ONLY BUSINESS is to PLAY and EXPLORE the world through their own eyes. Before I could get out of my bed in the morning today, Merog had decided to surprise me by engaging himself into this (curious)make-believe pretend-play act 😇😄 as a parent I am very much happy that he is now able to decide what he wants to do without anybody’s assistance or mommy’s directions.

#decisionmaker in the making😊

We adults always feel that kid’s pretend-plays are their leisure pastime…😎 but as a parent we have opportunities to stimulate and fire the passion our children already has!
We can give them ideas to expand their #imagination and boost #selfesteem by accepting their story lines and letting them take all the control.

Also, Children tries to act like adults during the whole process😊 Where they learn to face or survive in the real world scenarios.

It is everything about :

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