Rice And Water Sensory Bin Color Mixing Play

Rice And Water Sensory Bin Color Mixing Play

This has been our favorite Color Lab experiment from past 3 months and Merog indulges himself into colors minimum twice a week! So, what can be more captivating learning-idea than a sensory color bin set up to engage him for some good 20-25 minutes. He is ‘What’s the Color’ Question-Answer enthusiast, these days. He already can recognize many colors now. So I think, it’s the right time to introduce him activities related to first two groups of Colors (Primary and Secondary)!

 Material Required
  • Rice
  • Water (Instead of water here, you can also use Ice to make Rice and Ice Color Sensory Bin)
  • Primary colors : Red, Yellow and Blue
  • Tray
  • 3 bowls (to make rice and primary color mixture)
  • Paint brush to mix colors with water and Rice
What We Performed During Activity
  • I gave my son 3 primary colors.
  • Then we took 3 different bowls filled with 3 tablespoons of rice and 3 teaspoons of water in each bowl.
  • We added few drops of Blue color using paint brush to one bowl.
  • Similarly, we did it for remaining two colors (Red and Yellow) for remaining two bowls
  • We took a tray and placed the colored rice (red, blue and yellow) at three different corners of the tray.
  • I asked Merog to mixed two colors of wet Primary-colored rice to each other. So that he gets the  next group of colors i.e. secondary color. (Eg. Red + Yellow = Orange (secondary color)
  • Similarly, we have to add remaining primary colors, Red + Blue = Purple (Secondary color) and Yellow + Blue = Green (Secondary color)
What we tried to achieve (Learning Opportunities)
  • Talking about the activity and colors, helps to improve communication and language skills eg. what color can you see? why is the water/Rice is changing it’s color etc. ,
  • This activity helps children to learn about some early sick-science and  concepts such as hardness and softness of rice before and after adding water to it. Also, they get idea of different states of elements/things  like solids and liquids.
  • learns about color recognition
  • It’s a Process and result oriented activity at the same time.
  • improves hand-eye coordination

So, If you feel weather is too hot or too cold outside and due to which you can not take your bunny for an outdoor play, but you are also worried about how to keep him/her engaged at home, then this is the best activity to have some peace and fun time.

So, give it a try!! It’s super fun!

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