Why Parent and Child “Read-Together” sessions are important (Raise a Reader)

Benefits of Early Reading!

Get Your Kids Hooked On To The Books!

I am always on a mission to search the right book for my boy and I read to him everyday just to see the sheer joy on his face.

⏺How to Read to a child⏺

❇ Raising and lowering voice, using high-pitched and expressive voice makes them recognize the different sounds that every word makes.
❇ Doing some actions, making faces to situations and emotions, clapping hands together while reading some favorite part or for some special character makes children to get involved in the stories and gradually they start loving books.

(P.S. Reading is an addiction!! Nowadays, Merog is becoming a compulsory reader! I am too lazy to read 8-10 books a day but I have to do it for his pleasure! 🙈meanwhile, my chipmunk tries to skip his afternoon nap! That is the only disadvantage of book reading, I have marked till date😞! )

⏺ Benefits 


❇This is the best time when we can create an unusual bond with our babies. As, they just love the idea of getting our full attention. Read to your baby while cuddling, It helps in building (mom/dad & baby)bond stronger.
❇Sounds, rhymes and building vocabulary are the crucial parts of language development and that is achieved easily through everyday reading at early age, also,

they learn to communicate and interact with others.
❇Bold use of colors, an emphasis on simple objects in children books, that improves their visual vocabulary and helps them to link names to specific objects.

❇Introducing early math, language, etc. in a fun way (alphabets, shapes, colors, the whole world around them.

❇Improves Child’s listening skills,  fosters brain development, sharpens  memory etc.

❇Reading with expressions and changing  voice pitch helps them to understand  the  story more easily and interesting  way creates more enthusiasm in kids for  reading.

❇Reading the same story repeatedly helps them to learn complicated words very easily.

❇Most importantly reading is for lifetime, it improves concentration, focus and discipline.

❇Last but not the least reading habit helps to keep video games, mobiles, tabs away and lessens child’s screen times.

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